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The goal of EduProfile LLC is to provide parents with information about every public and private school in the Greater Boston Area. To date, we have collected the names and contact information of over 1,000 nursery, elementary, middle and high schools in the Greater Boston Area and sent each director or principal an e-mail message with a note describing our company and asking them to review and revise the material that is currently on their school's profile. Each year, we will provide school administrators with a username and password to allow them to revise their school's profile as they see appropriate. (The only information on the profiles that school administrators will not be able to revise is the information collected from the parent surveys and from the State's educational databases.)

There may be a few schools for which we do not have a profile because we did not have some key information about those schools or may not have been aware of their existence. Moreover, some school administrators may not have received an e-mail from us with a username and password to allow them to review and revise their school profiles. If you are a school principal or director and would like to add your school's profile or revise an existing profile, please send us a note at with your name, e-mail address, phone number and the name of your school. We will promptly send you a note with instructions to revise or add your school's profile.

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