School Finder Help

We are sorry that you are having some trouble with the school finder. Here are some tips to help you use the function. If you are still having trouble, please email us at When using the school finder, start with the fewest restrictions possible (i.e., grade, public or private, zip code), and then add one restriction at a time. Your list of schools will reduce quickly as you add more restrictions. Please note that if you include a zip code, the school search function will order the schools by proximity to your zip code. If you do not include a zip code, the school finder will order the schools alphabetically. If you are looking for a specific school, include the grade, public or private, and enter one word in the name of the school.
Why are there no school that match your criteria?
When people select too many criteria, there may be no schools that satisfy all of those limitations. For example, when you select K-8 in the grades served function, the school finder will only look for schools that serve all of those grades and not schools that serve grades traditional elementary schools (k-5) or middle schools (6-8). Please start your search with very basic criteria (i.e., public, 1st grade, zip code) and then add more criteria as needed. The list of schools will shrink fast.
Why can’t I change the grades?
If you have used the comparison tool, the school finder will not let you change grades before you clear the list of the schools in the compare school function. Once you clear the list on the compare schools button, you may start a new search.
Why can’t I find a specific school?
There may be many reasons a search might not generate a specific school. First check the grade that you selected. If a school only serves grades k-4, the school will not appear if you selected 5th grade. Try another grade to see if you can find the school.  If the school serves grades k-5, and you selected grades served k-8, the school finder will not list your school because it only will generate results for schools that serve k-8.