The following statements were provided by some of our most recent clients:

“We completed the detailed questionnaire that not only helped us understand our daughter's educational profile but also my husband's and my educational goals for her. After examining our survey answers, Pete recommended a selection of schools that emphasized a progressive learning style which was best suited for Mariella's and our needs. The profiles were extremely helpful, and we learned about the various educational approaches that each school uses. We reviewed the selected schools with the director of our nursery school and applied to all of them. The choices were so clearly defined and tailored to our family that we ended up being accepted at our favorite school. Thank you very much Pete, for your knowledgeable advice, insight and support.”


"Thank you for helping us navigate NYC school admissions!  Your resources were invaluable in helping us understand the process, our child’s learning style, and school options.  We used your service to find a wonderful PreK for our daughter we previously hadn’t even known existed!  I found the compare and advanced search functions of the School Finder extremely useful in organizing information quickly and efficiently.  Because of you we feel like we have the best, most current and comprehensive information for making school choices for our child!"

“We were moving from Chicago and were scared by the articles in the New York Times that describe the New York City school system as overwhelming. Your website provided a great starting point to begin the school search process. We particularly loved the comparison tool and parent guide. Keep it up!”

 “The parent guide is great. We didn’t understand the differences among the different approaches to preschool education. The website helped us learn about our child’s educational profile and which approach would be best suited for her. The school finder also allowed us to find schools that are not listed in the guidebooks and provided more detailed profiles of the programs than are offered in other guidebooks. Thank You!”

"The website is easy to use. We used some other school finders first, but they only provided limited data in their profiles. Your profiles are complete with up-to-date info. When our daughter goes to middle school, we'll be back."

"You are a calming presence. Our heads wers spinning regarding what schools to apply to and which school to attend. You were patient and helped us think everything out. We feel that we made the best chioice for our child. Thank you."

 “This is a wonderful resource!”

“Thank you! Thank you!”