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Mission Statement: 

Cambridge Montessori School encourages independent, self-directed learning for life in a child-centered, international community valuing peace, respect for others and pride in individual differences.

Our Philosophy
Cambridge Montessori School was founded in 1963 to foster a love of learning and to educate children to be caring, socially responsible citizens of their community and world. The educational and supplemental care programs at CMS involve children from twenty-four months through fifteen years of age in four different programs: Toddler, Primary  Elementary and Middle School. CMS seeks to educate the whole child, applying the Montessori philosophy, in a family-oriented environment. The philosophy is based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) whose holistic vision of education focuses on the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of the child. For Dr. Montessori, and for CMS, education is preparation for life.

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Special Programs: 

Elementary Program Overview
The Elementary program, for students 6 to 12 years old, is organized as two three-year cycles: Lower Elementary for 6-9 year olds and Upper Elementary for 9-12 year olds. As in the Primary classes, students spend all three years in the same class, building community with one another and deepening relationships with teachers. Elementary age children continue to learn through the use of concrete materials as they move gradually toward more and more abstract thinking. The Elementary lessons and materials are multi-sensory, dramatic, and impressionistic, serving to ignite the imagination and curiosity of the students.

Curriculum: The spiral curriculum of the Montessori classroom exposes students to many interrelated topics repeatedly over time. With each repetition, children build on the knowledge they already have about a topic, delving deeper into the details and seeing the connections more clearly. This connection between topics and the building of information little by little leads to a real depth of understanding of our complex world.

Middle School Curriculum: Cambridge Montessori is working with the Cloud Institute to develop our cutting edge Middle School Curriculum that will have "Education for Sustainability" at its core.

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Extracurricular Activities: 

Passport Programs
Passport Programs are a service to families looking for additional child care, social, and academic enrichment before/after school and over summer vacation. Passport offers the following programs during the academic year: Early Care, Extended Day, Full Day Conference Care, Vacation Camp, and Extracurricular Clubs.

Early Care and Extended Day
Early Care and Extended Day provide care and enrichment for toddler, primary, elementary and middle school students each morning and afternoon. Our mission is to provide students with a meaningful extension of their school day in a safe and familiar environment. The program runs five days a week from 7:30am - 8:30am for early care and 3:00pm - 6:00pm for extended day.  Students may attend one to five days per week.  Drop-in is also available if space permits.

Senior ProjectIn their sixth year, the last of Upper Elementary, students embark on a yearlong activity known as the Senior Project. Here, they integrate the research and academic skills that they have acquired throughout their Elementary years. Students first write a research paper on a topic of personal interest then present an oral report on that topic to the school community.
Studio ArtCreative expression is crucial in a Montessori education. To help nurture their creativity, Elementary children in the Art Studio experiment with different techniques and mediums through direct instruction and hands-on practice.

Theatre ArtsTheatre education expands the abilities of Elementary students to understand others and communicate through language and action.  Dance, music, visual art through improvisation, storytelling, mime, playmaking and playwriting, directing, management, design, and technical theatre are all used to enrich the classroom experience.

Foreign Language: Spanish

Physical EducationMovement and gymnastics, cooperative games, teamwork, and athletics are the focus of the physical education program for Kindergarten and Elementary students.

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Schedule by grade
Grade Enrollment size Grading Homework Tuition Extended Hours (AM) Extended Hours (PM)
K25 25500.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
125 27000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
225 27000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
325 27000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
425 28000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
525 28000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
625 38000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
725 38000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM
825 38000.007:30 AM 6:00 PM

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A Cambridge Montessori School education is an investment in your child’s future. It is also a significant financial investment. Our financial aid program provides need-based tuition assistance to families who would otherwise not be able to attend Cambridge Montessori School.

No student should be deterred by financial reasons from applying to Cambridge Montessori. Parents who require aid are encouraged to apply for an award. The school does require that the recipients fully merit their grants by their cooperative spirit and positive approach to every aspect of their school involvement.

Financial aid decisions are made independently of admissions decisions. The financial aid program is open to students of any race, creed and national or ethnic origin.

FAST financial aid applications must be completed online by January 15

Total Enrollment: 
Birthday cut-off: 

September 1


Religious Affiliation:

Dress Code:

Before School Program:

Summer program:

Admission Process: 

To be considered for admission, families must complete these steps:

  • The School Visit: Parents observe a classroom in session and have an informational tour of the entire program. Visits include time to speak with the Admissions staff.
  • The Application: Completed applications, including records for current and former schools, current School Evaluation Forms and a nonrefundable fee must be received by February 1.
  • The Interview: Elementary candidates participate in the program for which they are applying. While applicants visit the classroom, parents are interviewed by an Admissions representative. Younger candidates attend either small group or individual interviews with their parents.

Cambridge Montessori School seeks students who will thrive in our mixed-age environment that offers freedom of choice within limits and supports the development of autonomy, intellectual curiosity, and personal and social responsibility. Families are expected to work with the school in a spirit of collaboration that will support their child and the school’s mission. Families interested in making a long-term commitment to the school are given priority along with siblings of returning students and children with previous Montessori experience.

Admission decisions are mailed out early in March.

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Application Fee: 
Application deadline: 
February 1
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