Parent Guide

The parent guide has over 300 pages of information regarding your metropolitan area’s public and private school systems and issues that parents may want to consider as they select the most appropriate nursery, elementary, middle and high school for your child. There is a separate parent guide for each level of education--nursery, elementary, middle and high school--as well as a different parent guide for each greater metropolitan area, becuause the admissions processes differ greatly for each city.

In addition, the parent guide offers over 50 handouts with tips to help prepare parents for the complicated admissions process. More specifically, we have handouts that help parents:

  • Learn the timeline and the requirements of the private and public school admissions process
  • Understand your child's educational profile
  • Clarify your family's educational goals and practical concerns
  • Learn about the different types of schools in the area
  • Prepare your children for the entrance exams, school tours and interviews
  • Learn how to write compelling essays and obtain appropriate reference letters for the applications
  • Understand admissions officers' pet peeves and how they make their admissions decisions
  • Learn about the financial aid process for private schools